Friday, 23 June 2017

XiaoMi Mi5: High Spec Budget Phone of the Year! Where to get it CHEAP and FAST!

XiaoMi shock the world through their flagship Mi series phone in the year 2012. The company had manage to sell over 10 million Mi2 devices over 11 month’s period. It was a tremendous achievement for XiaoMi.

In year 2016, XiaoMi continue to launch their flagship phone Mi5 to catch a portion of the hand phone market. Comparing with its competitor, Samsung, HTC, LG and iPhone, what is so special about this phone? Let’s check it out.

1. Price
First and foremost, before we select which phone to buy, we will definitely check out its price and compare with other brand. Mi5 cost around RM 1,000 while Samsung S8 cost around RM 2,999 and Iphone 7 cost around RM 2,789. Looking at the price, Mi5 only cost less than half the price of Samsung and iPhone!

2. Hardware
Looking at the price, most of us will think that Mi5 should be a low end phone with a lower price. However, YOUR ARE DEFINITELY WRONG!!! Mi5 is a worthy competitor for iPhone and Samsung.
It is using a beastly Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor which is one of the fastest mobile processors available in the market. It has better processing power and energy efficient without the overheating issue. In addition to its Snapdragon 820, Mi5 has a variant of either 3 GB or 4GB of RAM which is be plentiful for any application and games usage. Combine with its GPU, Adreno 530, gaming performance is also a great on the Mi5. It has no issue in playing high end games available in the market.

3. Display and Design
Mi5 has a 5.15″ 1080P panel which could be said one of the best we have seen. It has a vibrant and saturated colors, deep blacks, great contrast, and excellent viewing angles. Moreover, the vibrant and adaptive brightness feature enable the user to has a good sunlight readability in which improve the user experience even more.
With a dimension of 144.6 x 69.2 x 7.3 mm, Mi5’s build quality is on par with other high end smartphones. It feels solid in hand and other small tiny details such as tactile feedback from power and volume buttons and flush camera are the features which increase the ease of handling the phone.

4. Additional Features
a)      Finger Print Scanner
Below the display, there's a physical home button which also can be used as a fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner is incredibly fast and accurate. It could be said to be on par with iPhone which probably has the fastest and most accurate fingerprint scanner on the market today.
b)      Mi devices compatibility
XiaoMi is more than just phone manufacturer. They produce all kinds of other electronic devices and gadgets such as headphones, fitness trackers, TV and so on. One simple example would be if you fall asleep while wearing Mi Band fitness tracker, Mi5 will can automatically enter Do Not Disturb mode.

c)      IR Blaster
Mi5 is embedded with IR blaster which could replace TV or even air conditioning remote control.

Combining all these features and design, Mi5 is a definite must have phone with low price and great performance. Now, where could we find the phone with even cheaper price in the fastest way?

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Easy to use UI enable fast search of the phone I have wanted 

Brand new Mi5 which is even cheaper than market price.

By signing up to as one of their member, I could even sell my old phone.

Through Carousell, you are actually entering big community of good people where you could buy and sell item. By buying and selling from your fellow community, you are actually supporting each other in process.

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Sunday, 11 June 2017

The Butterfly Soiree @POSH Nail Spa TTDI

Got invited to an evening party gathering beautiful butterflies aka 'tai-tai' of the day at POSH Nail Spa, TTDI. hehe..yeah the new refurbish spa are so classy and beautiful as I walked in. I think my OOTD also suit up the new spa theme right..haha..let's enjoy the day..

I found this small little space just behind the counter and with the sunlight around, I thought of capture a close up of my make up look using 1028 VISUAL THERAPY. I name it 'The Indulgent Girls Make Up Look' and thank you for those sincere compliment me on that day..hehe..

Saw the beautiful cocktail bar prepared by the La Rose Noire and Wine Talk. La Rose Noire is a chain of Swiss bakeries and the decadent deserts served by the finest hotels around the world paired with a sparkling desert wine from Malaysia's largest online wine shop, Wine Talk. I got to admit this is my first time tasted out such as luxury hand crafted deserts of Les Petitclairs, Les ChouChous, Les Tartes Passion, and Les Eclairons. What ever the name are called, every bite of it are full of surprise that I never thought about it. Thanks to Bee Lee and Joanne 'tai-tai' for bringing over the deserts for me to try when I'm on my nail spa. After that, trying out sparkling wine and thanks to Sydney for sharing her glass of wine with me. Love all my pretty babes..hugss..

Welcome to POSH..haha..I got the chance to do a quick pedicure polish and what I found the most special things was playing with the pillow to craft out my name 'LY'. haha..By the way, I also find there are no TV available as according to Sereen, she wanted to create a very relaxing environment for the clients to enjoy the pampering moment.

POSH Nail Spa also provide other services such as make up and hair, waxing, eye lash extension, and pampering parties that guaranteed happiness. Kinda looking forward to come again to try their other services too..

'The happier you are, 
the more beautiful you become!'

With Sereen, the Founder of POSH Nail Spa and Tammy, our mamasan of The Buterfly Project. Thank you for an indulging day experience..

Gathered at a round comfort sofa and chit chatting with Kelly, Suki, Bee Lee, Nicole, Joanne and other pretty butterflies too..

Alright party comes to end, a little souvenir to bring back..yeahh..

Find below link for more info
if you want to pamper yourself at POSH Nail Spa
if you want to taste out La Rose Noire
if you want to buy wine online Wine Talk
if you want to join The Butterfly Project


Saturday, 10 June 2017

1028 VISUAL THERAPHY Review & My First Sexy Make Up Look

Alright, ya that's me creating sexy and smokey monolid make up look using 1028 VISUAL THERAPY..have you heard about this brand before?? Neither me..

 1028 VISUAL THERAPY is an inspiring date of the brand from Taiwan made in Korea to discover various beautiful face of every girls. While VISUAL means Asian face is unique and beautiful, this products is tailored for Asian skin and features. THERAPY sounds skin care cosmetics infused that care your skin while you put cosmetics on your skin. So girls you can confidently express your unique attitude through make up and bloom out the most beautiful of you!!


1028 VISUAL THERAPY make up products used to create sexy and smokey monolid make up look:-

  •  Moisture Infusion CC Essence Cream SPF 30 PA++ in 02 Natural Beige = RM 64.90
  • Ultimate Oil Control Powder = RM 29.90
  • LONGWEAR eyebrow definer in 02 Dark Brown = RM 39.90
  • Infinity Longwear in Black = RM 54.90
  • BROWNIE Eyeshadow kit = RM 69.90
  • BIG magnifier mascara = RM 59.90

Alright, let's get started..

Moisture Infusion CC Essence Cream SPF 30 PA++ 
in 02  Natural Beige 

Ultimate Oil Control Powder

I'm kinda loving this CC cream applications very much on my face, it's lightweight but able to provide moderate coverage. It feel moisture and also smell good wearing it all day long. Look at the left sides after applications. For the oil control thru out the day, I'll use the powder at my T-zone area. The pinky round small case is so adorable to carry around in my bag.

a) Infinity Longwear in Black
b) LONGWEAR eyebrow definer in 02 Dark Brown 
My most important things and must do every day make up, a pair of well define eyebrow and it must be long wear thru out the day. Follow the step above, using the rhombus tip pencil start with 4 points marking, draw out the outline shape, fill in, blend evenly with the groomer and lastly using cotton buds to help clean define. I also find special using the rhombus tip pencil cause the shape itself allow more control to create a pair of desired eyebrow shape. I really started to love to use it everyday..

Drawing an eye liner on a monolid like me is the most challenging part. Well if you're monolid, my tips is open your eye look straight to the mirror and mark a line first before drawing out the eye liner. Shake first before use for maximum black colour impact and I like the thin nib for precise application to create alluring eye. Overall, I find moderate rated.

BROWNIE Eyeshadow kit
Consists of 6 alluring shades to create sexy and smokey monolid make up look. See how I do it easily at below. 

Creating cut crease effect using eyebrow definer and blend evenly.

Using the 1st shades and apply it in between eyeliner and cut crease effect.

 Using 5th shades apply on the cut crease effect and blend evenly.

Use eye shadow brush place 4th shades on the cut crease to create denser effect.

Apply 6th shades at the lower eye lid.

Reapply in between the eyeliner and cut crease using 2nd shades for more highlight effect.

Final, use 1st shades below the eyebrow for clean effect.

Overall, I find the shades is quite pigmented where I can create the cut crease effect with just technique of placing and blending using unicorn eye make brush from wanderlustthings

BIG magnifier mascara 
Final on the eye make up part, using two types of mascara for lengthening and voluminous effect after eye lash curler without need to apply false eye lashes. Next, I finalised the rest of the sexy make up look by contouring and matte suede creamy liquid lipsticks from orkidcosmetics


Alright, please rate my sexy and smokey make up look..Actually this is my first time created this sexy and smokey make up look and I'm very happy of the end results using 1028 VISUAL THERAPY make up products. Some times, you just need to be confident and dare to look good in your life!! 1028 VISUAL THERAPY make products can be find at watsons malaysia online and offline store. Follow 1028 Facebook for update too and many thanks to 1028 X The Butterfly Project for an opportunity to transform beautifully.


Saturday, 3 June 2017

Mamonde now can SHOP ONLINE at 11 street

First of all, congratulations to Mamonde Malaysia for launching online shopping at 11 street, one of Malaysia's largest online marketplaces. Mamonde is a k-beauty brand that inspires feminine beauty with flowers. I have used a few of their products and really liking it.

Alright see that famous k-artist, Park Shin Hye aka brand ambassador for Mamonde...simply loving her...
Mamonde X 11 street and you can start shop online at from 1 June 2017.

How to know whether are you shop authentically?
Be sure to look for products listed under Mamonde Malaysia with the logo as above when you ordering your products.


Shoppers are spoilt for choice with 57 Mamonde skin care, make up and optional care items that are available for online purchase. Apart from that, shoppers can expect to see some exclusive online items which are only available online such as Rose Water Toner 500 ml, AC Balance Spot Serum 15 ml, AC Balance Spot Patch (12 patches) and the Colour Tone Up Base 30 ml (Green and Purple). Mamonde Malaysia is offering special online deals in June in conjunction with the official launch include Basic skin care set, First Energy Serum, Highlight Lip Tint set, Mascara Volume set, Complimentary Cushion Case with every purchase of Cover Powder Cushion which will help you to save up to 49 % and gifts with purchase too. I myself is eyeing some products that I would like to try and repurchase again...haha...

Follow Mamondemy Facebook and Mamondemalaysia Instagram for their news update. Great deals will continue in second half of 2017 with an exclusive Mamonde make up workshop for 11 street customers. Until then, see you again cause I'm going to shop online now at

Friday, 19 May 2017

Neutrogena Fashion Debut at Mercedes Benz STYLO Asia Fashion Festival 2017

It's a happy night that day when I got to watch live fashion show debuted by Neutrogena at Mercedes Benz STYLO Asia Fashion Festival, KL Gateway. Yeahhh...I believe you have heard about Neutrogena, No 1 dermatologist recommended brand now hits the runway to celebrates the joy of healthy and happy skin. Congratulations Neutrogena!! See more at below...

Before the shows started, we got the chance to try out others Neutrogena products that addresses to different concerns and skin types. I love their range of cleansing products especially the Neutrogena deep clean cleansing oil to foam that works wonder on my skin. Reviews up on

Fashion stage started with welcome address by Julia Teo, Associate Marketing Director of Johnson & Johnson. "We believe beauty starts with healthy skin, a condition which gives women a lot of positive energy in their lives. Indeed healthy skin has the power to make one happy and that's why our latest campaign advocates Happy Skin 24/7 with Neutrogena."

"Through our fashion debut at Mercedes Benz STYLO Asia Fashion Festival, we hope to demonstrate the inner joy of having healthy, great looking skin, a result of using Neutrogena skin care and share it with Malaysian women, added Teo." 

The fashion show then started with beautiful ladies singer, I'm not sure about the name...haha...Fashion presentations by emerging designers, Shadow C, Wei Hao Yong and Tuhfah which shows each perspective of Neutrogena through their fashion creations. Enjoy the shows below and you also can watch my insta live here.

Shadow C

Wei Hao Yong


Alright, what do you think of that?? 
Now, let's see the biggest show of the night. Fashion presentation of Happy Skin 24/7 Neutrogena by Kittie Yiyi and Hazzer Wan Lee, local fashion designer.

Kittie Yiyi

Kittie Yiyi quirky sense of humor translates into her designs which are often joyful and loud yet smart. The Raffles Design Institute KL graduate also started her own company KYY Apparel. Kittie's collection is inspired by the quintessential beach girl on a holiday. Coming from a faraway beach land, she wanders into the city in her flowy, comfy loose fitting outfits. Her happiness is infectious and it shows in the way she dresses. Featuring flared silhouettes, ruffles. cheerful stripes and heart shaped prints, the collection flaunts the beach girl's confidence in her own skin with transparent details and cut outs. Watch insta live here.

Hazzer Wan Lee

Hazzer Wan Lee, creative director of HWL by Hazzer Wan Lee Fashion Atelier KL graduated with a degree in Fashion and Apparel Design from Herriot Watt University, Scotland. He received numerous awards over the years including 'Endinburgh Graduate Fashion Show 2013' in London and 'Mara in Fashion' in Malaysia. He was also recognised as the first Asian student for his special exhibit design project at one of the National Museums and galleries in Scotland. Hazzer's fashion collection is inspired by the water splash, a signature of Neutrogena products and the first step to Happy Skin. Fluid lines and cascading layers come together to bring out the beauty and energy of water in hues of blue, green, orange and pink. The clever incorporation and layering techniques of different materials such as denim, organdy, PU leather, cotton silk and dyed fabrics results in a unique 3D effect that mimics the movements of water. I'm kinda like really having a crush on this hazzer's collection seriously!! Thinking of where can I get this designer my insta live here too.

The shows has come to end with big success...congratulations again to Neutogena Happy Skin 24/7 X Mercedes Benz STYLO Asia Fashion Festival 2017. You also can watch this fashion debut online at Neutrogena Facebook and InstagramThanks for the invitations from BridgesPR and all the beautiful photo should credited to the official photographer.

Lastly not forgetting my stylo mylo partner of the day, Mr KJ styled by me...haha...