Friday, 24 March 2017


Hello friends, 
thinking of a place to meet up or what to eat is a very common questions and I'm about to recommend you to must try out this new cafe at TTDI, Kuala Lumpur. Easily got there by waze, street parking is available. Rendezbrew is a self service cafe opening from Tuesday to Sunday. The ambience was good, comfortable spacing and no oily smell from the kitchen.

Rendezbrew name is inspired by the French word rendezvous which means a meeting point. A twist to the name passionately carves the brand by incorporating brewing of coffee with meeting point. Rendezbrew is inspired by their friendship, Daniel Sien and Keegan Wong. 

Started with a Lotus Root Salad orange dressing, it may look usual kind of salad but the crispy lotus with change the feel on it. Next, we have Creamy Mushroom Pasta and seafood tomato pasta. When talking about my favourite pasta, I'll go for the creamy one and yes it's confirmed creamy enough with the fragrance of the mushrooms sauce in a plate. Main courses then is the Grilled Chicken as you see. I really got to say that I'm enjoying the juicy grilled chicken with their homemade mash and sauce. Its just perfect!!

We really enjoy the food and the space here. Thanks Eddy (blogger) as my partner of the day, Rendezbrew team and also Errol (Edamamedia) for the invitations.

I also find that not only food you can see here but Rendezbrew also incorporates with other partners in house for deserts and fashion labels.


A collaborative engagement baking the cakes in the house. After the main dishes, you can't forget to try out their deserts. What I can say about it is, I'm definitely coming back for their delicious cakes. The Halzenut Rocher cakes is very soft from inside and thick flavour of ferrero rocher taste like. The yellow Tofu Cheese cakes also is the most interesting to try out. Oh yeah, thumbs up!!

An international brand equipping people with fashionable eye wear based out of Spain. 

An international contemporary and street wear label founded in San Francisco and currently expanding into Malaysia and Singapore. Saw some of them wearing it around, it look comfortable and hype.

A permanent pop up sneaker cleaning service on the premise. Something you never thought it's at a cafe shop. Bring your lovely sneaker for them to care while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Alright, see this carefully for the month of April, Rendezbrew will be offering a BUY 1 FREE 1 promo for all food items from 12 pm to 10 pm. You also are entitled to RM 5 coffees when you quote RM5COFFEE or show this page to them to claim!!

11, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7, 
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 
60000 Kuala Lumpur.

Tuesdays-Saturdays, 9 am-11 pm
Sundays, 9 am-6 pm

Friday, 17 February 2017

My new Veet Sensitive Touch Review

Hi guys, 
this is my new Veet Sensitive Touch personal review after I have played it at my eyebrows, upper lip and chin, bikini lines and underarm. You know those area are very sensitive and delicate body parts that required some skill and carefully trimming with our existing beauty tools. Don't you agree?? Now you can have a look on this new innovative gadget of electric trimmer that might help you to ease the hair removal session on your body.

Front and back packaging. It's easy to open from the front. Veet Sensitive Touch retails at RM 119.00 at major pharmacies nationwide and online retailers. 

Veet Sensitive Touch comes with a broad range of accessories:- 2 sided trimming head 16 mm and 6 mm for optimal eyebrow shaping, 2 and 4 mm comb attachment to uniform hair length, styler cap, trimming head 20 mm, comb attachment to uniform hair length, cleaning brush, beauty pouch to take it with you anywhere, AA battery included and a electric trimmer.

Usage and Cleaning
This beauty styler comes with an interchangeable heads for face (1) and other body areas (2). It's so easy to use, rotate the base of the device to the right to turn on. After using it, you can use the cleaning brush to wipe away any hair or dust.

How to trim your eyebrows using 
new Veet sensitive Touch?
This is the most interesting part that I wanna to share. After learning from the workshop yesterday, here're the 4 easy step that you can follow:-
  1. Draw your eyebrows shape first according to your eyebrows point and you'll get your own natural arches and angles of style that you wanted. This is also to help you to trim accordingly without overdoing it.
  2. Use 2 and 4 mm comb attachment to uniform hair length on dry skin only. Do not use with shaving gel or foam.
  3. Use 2 sided trimming head 16 mm and 6 mm for optimal eyebrow shaping, touch skin lightly with the trimmer and move it against the direction of hair growth.
  4. Lastly, fill in the eyebrow as desired to complete the style. What do you think about my eyebrows style?? I think I have more Korean eyebrows style look.
My comments
Overall, I find this new Veet Sensitive Touch, an electric trimmer is very easy to use and it's gentle on the skin. At first you might be fear of the electric trimmer sounds when it's comes near to your face, however don't worry of getting cuts. It's also fast than using manual beauty tools to trim any parts of your delicate body area. Size about an electronic toothbrush, can be carried in a handbag and come to the rescue in any hairy situations. You know what I mean right. Considering precision in trimming, I find it has moderate to almost accuracy in shaping and styling. It's also worth to purchase if you're a women on the go especially that required to look good always with minimal skill needed.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Veet Sensitive Touch Workshop 2017

Hi guys, 
I'm looking pink all the way to Veet Sensitive Touch Workshop where we're going to learn about the new shaver to trim your eyebrow especially and also others part of your delicate body. I'm super interested and excited to show you guys.

New Veet Sensitive Touch, an innovative gadget where it's promise to be gentle and precise for your delicate body parts with no fear of cuts for the women on the go!! I can't wait to try it myself. Stay tuned for my review ya.

At the workshop, Amber Chia, Malaysia Supermodel was so friendly as always and also share a few useful tips with us before we could get more understanding on how to trim your eyebrow well. Thank you Amber for making a fun learning workshop. Hope to see you again.

"RB has always at the forefront of innovation. It was a commitment for constant innovation that had led Veet to launch the world's first hair removal product 100 years ago and we carry this commitment to this day. As the trusted expert in female hair removal, we decided to get to work and design an innovation that covers all bases a device that achieves the perfect polished and groomed look while being convenient, quick and gentle to the skin," said Tiffany Tang, Marketing Director of RB Malaysia and Singapore in her welcoming speech.

Veet Sensitive Touch tvc.

Demonstration of Veet Sensitive Touch by Steven Sunny, Celebrity Makeup Artist. "Your eyebrows speak before you do. You can convey boldness and confidence with a squared off brow or arch it differently to show free spirits, said Steven.

The rock, korean and bohemian brows with Veet Sensitive Touch by Stevensunny. Now I'm getting more interested on how to create a perfect brows style for me. What do you think and which one could be your style??

Chit chat session with Amber Chia and MC Megan Tan. 

Photo with the models, Amber Chia, Tiffany Tang and Stevensunny.

Special thanks to Veet and Bridges PR for the invitations. It's a fun learning night at the Talent Lounge, PJ Trade Centre, Damansara Perdana. Credit to the Talent Lounge too, your food has improved a lot.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Hada Labo launched NEW Advanced Anti Aging Care for Women above 30

Hada Labo recently launched new and improved Lifting + Firming Advanced Anti Aging Care for Women above 30. Well this set are definitely going to my mother to try it out. See more at below.

Hada Labo is a skin care line researched and developed by Rohto Pharmaceutical Co Japan and The Metholatum Co with a philosophy 'Perfect X Simple'. Hada Labo uses only the purest ingredients that are beneficial to the skin with no unnecessary additives and manufactured under strict pharmaceutical standards. 

The key ingredients in this new and improved range is the Hydrolyzed Elastin and Hydrolyzed Collagen which helps to improve skin density and also skin visibly tighter (infused with Elasgrow and Fermented Soymilk). They're also upgraded to 4 types of Hyaluronic Acid which helps to deeply hydrates skin from surface to the inner skin layers for significantly soft, smooth and supple skin. It's also act as powerful anti oxidants properties to fight against the damaging effects of free radicals. Hada Labo also are ph balanced, free of alcohol, fragrance, colorant and mineral oil.

Hada Labo Lifting + Firming Lotion Rich 
(RM 67.50)
Prep the skin first after cleansing. It helps to awaken skin and drives moisture deep into the inner skin layers to prepare skin to fully receive the benefit of the next skin care regime that follows. Use it twice a day pour sufficient amount on palm and gently pat on onto face until thoroughly absorbed.

Hada Labo Lifting + Firming Essence 
(RM 89.90)
This essence naturally derived Pomegranate extract and Lycopene that has 100 times more antioxidant power than vitamin E to fight signs of aging and pollution. It's also contains Soybean Extract to help improve skin elasticity with High Performance Penetrating and Deep Moisturizing Technology. Use it after Hada Labo Lotion apply on palms and gently pat onto face until thoroughly absorbed.

Hada Labo Lifting + Firming Milk 
(RM 70.90)
A light weight milk easily penetrates deep into skin to restore youthful radiance and luminosity. Use twice a day after Hada Labo Lotion and Essence apply on palms and gently pat onto face until thoroughly absorbed.

Hada Labo Lifting + Firming Cream 
(RM 78.00)
A velvety cream melts into skin to provide an intense nourishment to strengthen and restores skin youthfulness. Use twice a day after applying Hada Labo Lotion and Essence take sufficient amount and apply evenly on face and neck. Gently massage and pat to allow absorption into skin.

Hada Labo Anti Wrinkle Care Cream 
(RM 74.90)
A rich texture cream to smoothen the fine lines at eye and lip area. Use twice a day after Hada Labo Moisturizer.

Hada Labo Lifting + Firming Mask 
(RM 52.90)
This mask has a soft cloth designed with the right thickness to fit the face perfectly as you can see above. The serum soaked mask is enriched with anti-aging ingredients to deeply hydrate skin and restore skin's youthful vitality. My mum said it felt instantly revitalized, lifted and smoother face. Use once or twice a week as part of the skincare regimen.

Now come to the closing part, as we know Hada Labo mainly focused on hydrating and nourish our skin well. This improved skin care has a rich milky like white texture and the application are easy. Clean your face and follow all the step above for the best result of lifting, firming and restores youthfulness. Special thanks to Hada Labo and Circuit Communications for the invitation.


Friday, 20 January 2017

It's Pore perfection, PINK BY PURE BEAUTY exclusively @watsons

Hi guys, 
I'm back again with watsons event this year and for this time PINK BY PURE BEAUTY made in Korea has launched a new skin care range targeted on pore care.

'Beautiful skin starts from pore perfection.'

Official Launch of It's Pore perfection from PINK BY PURE BEAUTY exclusively at watsons with gentleman presenting Pore Care products. I see a lot of handsome guys in white. hehe..

Beauty vs Little Fresh Meat pore challenge where Philips (gentleman in white) also share his experience using It's Pore perfection from PINK BY PURE BEAUTY range. Guys if you see this don't judge the pink colour only for ladies ya..haha..

Believe it or not those handsome gentleman then presented It's Pore perfection from PINK BY PURE BEAUTY gift set to us. Let's wefie (from left) Emily, me, Shin May and our favourite bachelor Nigel. 

It's Pore perfection from PINK BY PURE BEAUTY range. What's a lovely gift sets to try it out soon. See more at below..

It's Pore perfection from PINK BY PURE BEAUTY is a pore refining and purifying skin care range that cleanses, tones and protects skin for a healthy, natural glow. 
Packed with Korean beauty ingredients and natural flower extracts, the range targets 3 key pore problems of clogged, pigmented and sagging pores to reveal the ultimate fair complexion and flawless looking skin. 
Mineral rich PINK clay and Jeju Volcanic Ash help to minimise the appearance of pigmented pores and excess sebum while purified Jeju Carbonated Thermal Water and Java Tea Leaf extract moisturise and control shine. 
Combined with the hydrating power of PINK Flower Complex, these precious natural ingredients cleanse deep down, regulate sebum, minimise and tighten the appearance of pores, hydrate skin and refine skin tone. That's 6 actions in 1!

Paraben Free
Lanolin Free
Sulfate Free

It's Pore perfection CLEANSING FOAM
Washes away impurities leaving skin clean. It has the PINK Clay and Jeju Volcanic Ash that exfoliate the skin and tighten pores while Java Tea Leaf extract regulates sebum for a brighter complexion. Jeju Carbonated Thermal Water helps to moisturise and soothes skin. Squeeze a small amount of cleansing foam into your palms and create a lather. I like how the lather foam like on my face. Gently massage the foam onto face using circular movement then rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water. Overall after cleansing, my skin feel slightly dry. 

It's Pore perfection TONER
Removes residue left on skin with the combined action of PINK Clay and Jeju Volcanic Ash. Java Tea Leaf extract blots excess sebum and prevents shine while PINK flower complex soothes skin. Enriched with 13 minerals PINK Clay, Jeju Carbonated Thermal Water helps to restores moisture leaving skin soft and hydrated. Shake well before applying it to a cotton pad. Gently wipe the cotton pad over entire face.

It's Pore perfection ESSENCE
A super charged in active ingredients for smooth, supple and flawless looking skin. PINK Clay and Jeju Volcanic Ash resurface pores to create a perfect no make up effect. Jeju Carbonated Thermal Water and PINK Flower Complex moisturise skin while Java Tea Leaf extract controls shine. PhytoCelltec Alps Rose protects and brightens skin tone. Apply an adequate amount and gently massage onto entire face until absorbed. I actually like the clear gel texture that feel fresh upon application.

Alright, after been trying out for a week time, I'm agree that to have a beautiful skin is you need to care for it. Using correct and good products are key important to have a perfect skin. I think It's Pore perfection range are very suitable for normal to oily skin young people. If you start to concern about having big pores especially in the gentleman you might need this to help you solving out the problems. The full range is available at all watsons store nationwide.

Thanks to Jude from watsons for the invitations. You're always doing a great job and congratulations on your work promotion. Hope to see you again.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

KEPPO.MY HIGH TEA Workshop 2017 hosted 2nd time of workshop where this time we're going to learn a high tea table manner and many new merchant brand that I'm going to share about here. is a platform that talk about food and beverage, you'll then be rewarded from your activities on the website. sign up at

Tea verandah at Atria Shopping Gallery, level 2. Like them at or visit .
At this workshop, we learn how to eat all the savory pastries, signature scones should be cut into half and cookies serve with 1 pot of tea where it's should be serve by a gentlemen friends. This European high tea style are affordable from RM 20 per pax. I also have give away a few cash voucher on my Instagram to my lucky follower.

Potsie Pottie, a fashion wear and accessories shop just next to Tea verandah at Atria Shopping Gallery. Items look exquisite and affordable to choose from. I also got a 20 % promotional discount code (KEPPO.MY20%MARKDOWN) for you!! Just mention it and this is valid until 30 June 2017 only. Check out their websiteFacebook and Instagram too.

stephane christian is an eye wear brand that are currently very trendy and stylish in Korea. Brought in by Specca Vision, the prices are over for my budget currently but this is something that I'm going to put in my wishlist. See their instagram .

GLORY NAIL also located at the same floor in Atria Shopping Gallery. Find them for a beautiful manicure, pedicure, gel colour, nail care and spa. Check out their Facebook too.

Thanks to Jimmy (Keppo) for the invitations and the brands included. It's a fun and chilling night out with the bunch of bloggers friends. Looking forward for the next.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Hair Color Expert @Sri Petaling Review

Hi guys,
are you still wondering for a new hair make over for coming Chinese new year at a affordable price?? You can check out this hair salon that only did premium hair colouring, Hair Color Expert at Sri Petaling. They're Malaysia first ever hair colouring specialist center with most affordable price range from RM 48.90 on wards using healthy colour series products. 

11, Jalan Radin Bagus 3, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur
(parking street and car park)
Open hours ever day from 10 am - 8 pm
 Call 018 - 319 8689

Seeing their cute logo alike an octopus, my first mind comes is they are going into young, bright and stylish colour. Opened about year end last year, you need to call to book first as many people started to occupy this salon. Walked into the salon, you may wait first at consulting area, where you can see a big flow chart of 6 complete steps of premium hair colouring with affordable nett fixed price according to your hair length. Price from RM 48.90 to RM 88.90 only applicable for one hair colouring layer only, for example if you want to have two layer of different hair colour including bleaching or highlights the amount will be three times of the nett price. They also claim to use only premium quality of healthy colour series which is ammonia free (See the photo grid above). I also find this hair salon doesn't really have a strong chemical products used smell compare to other usual salon that I used to visit. You can discuss with Sean, the founder and Colour Consultant about colour that you wish to have. No worries if you just wanna do a usual hair colouring only.

Inside the hair salon, there are colouring area, waiting area with keyboard around and mini pantry (See above). I like the overall hair salon design which give you the feeling of young, bright and bold. About a keyboard seen, Sean used to sing a lot during his young age. While waiting for colouring time, you can use their mini pantry provided to make your drinks with water dispenser available too. I think hardly you can find a hair salon that make you feel comfortable alike a home or perhaps a cafe shop.

Alright, for this time my mum is the one model for the hair colouring as she needed it more than me with the white hair and uneven tone of hair colour seen. Sean told that she need colour correction which is not only covers the white hair but also giving it suitable colour and style to carry as a strong women. Highlights or bleaching time took about 30 minutes with a watcher on hand. You can see the effects of the highlights after washing done. 

Next, another colour layering up to finish the overall hair colouring steps. This required another 30 minutes of waiting times, wash, treatment and quick blow dry done. If you wanna to create your own hair do, there're styling products available for you to use. Look the final hair colouring done by Sean and the team. By the way, my mum does have a natural curly hair without overdo. 

My beautiful mum was happy for her new style of hair colour with a highlights of reddish and brownish done. Overall my comment is this hair salon is a comfort place to visit to do an affordable hair colouring services. Thanks to the Hair Color Expert team and Jen Wai too.

Have a Beautiful day
Happy Chinese New Year