Monday, 28 November 2016


 I have started to wear hot pants a few months ago and I really find this is the most practical fashion ever. Have you try a hot pants before?? You gotta check it out here why you should at least get one for yourself first!! Above are the new Jonlivia S+ hot pants and arm shaper that I'm wearing from Jonlivia. Thanks to Olivia.


Jonlivia hot pants is made in Taiwan with high tech fibers of 100% genuine neoprene material. The 70% of neoprene and 30% of polyester and nylon material increase body heat when coming contact with the skin upon wearing it, resulting in more sweating and burning internally. So don't worry if you have start feeling sweating inside the pants, Jonlivia hot pants also known as airy fabric that allow moisture move away from the skin. Jonlivia S+ also have added new features on caring instruction printed in the pants, in case you forgot how to wash this pants. Easy just hand wash after every use in cold water with soft detergent.

Jonlivia S+ is ...





I find that this new Jonlivia S+ hot pants is perfectly fit to body shape to look more slimmer. Upon wearing it, you could sweat three to four times more and it's also a breathable pants. This hot pants also has soft compression feeling on the skin and yet stronger on stitching side so that you can stretch to the maximum while doing your workout.

Another great products is the Jonlivia arm shaper that comes with the additional pocket to keep your phone compared to the previous batch. 

Alright after knowing benefits of wearing a hot pants, you can now wear Jonlivia Hot pants S+ to anywhere and anytime. I personally like to wear it most of the time to anywhere. It's so simple and yet look fashionable too to match. For example, if I'm at home I'll wear it to do my simple work out or I'll just wear it to bed time to keep me burn fats while sleeping. Next, if I'm going out I can match to look smart casual outfit to help me keep burn fats while wearing it throughout the day. This is how you can implement a fashionable healthy lifestyle. For me, this is the best fashion apparel you must have!! Get yours on . Follow Jonlivia Facebook and Instagram too.


If you own an any brands of hot pants before and it's started to torn out, you now can get a new hot pants with the super offer ever below from Jonlivia!! Alright, don't forget to check this out ya. Have a good lifestyle!!

Saturday, 12 November 2016

DELICIOUS TOTTORI Japan Food Fair @KLCC (11-20 NOV 2016)

Feeling a moment at Japan when I visited Tottori Food and Tourism Fair at KLCC recently and shop a lot there. This fair started on 11 - 20 November 2016 from 10 am - 10 pm at Concourse Floor, Isetan, Suria KLCC. Happened in the shopping market, you should check it out their various authentic and delicious local food products purposely flew from Tottori, Japan.

Tottori located at the western edge of Japan's main island of Honshu lies Tottori. The climate is temperate with four distinct seasons. Various delicious local food products are produced in Tottori as it blessed with an abundance of natural resources. Tottori attractions are:-

Tottori Sand Dunes

Uradome Coast

Shirakabe Dozogun

Misasa Hot Spring

Mount Daisen

Tottori Hanakairo Flower Park

Manga Kingdom

Red Snow Grab (Zuwani Gani) is the no 1 source of snow crab in Japan produced at Tottori. At the fair, you'll see the highest quality of class A snow crab with the ready to eat the freshness.

Kani Sushi made fresh and served at an eat in area. You can enjoy the fresh taste of the snow crabs in each bite.

Crab mochi.

Enjoy the eat in area.

Japanese Persimmon and Pear can be found at the fair and it's from Hirooka Farm produced seasonal every year only. It's taste sweet and fresh fruits.

Plum Wine (Umeko) is a non alcoholic drinks features a blend of three kinds of plum. This is the must tasted it out at the fair.

Fresh yam and veges planted at Tottori land. Ask them how to cook it.

Japan alcohol drinks.

Japan various sweet assortment to try and I'm sure you'll bring somethings back.

Sandfish (Hatahata) is a fresh thinly sliced and dried to perfection with no preservatives added. Very recommended to try it out.

Japanese fish stocks and soy sauce for cooking essential. You'll no regret if you buy it.

Japanese various ice cream flavour to try it out too.

Soba noodles and green tea drinks.

So at the end of the mini fair but there're so much things to show case. If you're the first 1000 shopper who purchase Tottori products worth RM 100 and above, you'll stand a chance to join the lucky draw where the prizes including an air tickets to Tottori, Iketeru Restaurants vouchers at Hilton Kuala Lumpur and others small gifts. Wish you good luck!! Above photo with from left Japanese translator, Shin May (Blogger), Kazuko (PIC) and me. So don't miss out the chance to visit them as it's happened once in a year only. See you next, bye..

Award Night for Top 100 Women Malaysia this 14 DEC 2016 @THE ROOF

 Top 100 most influential women of Malaysia.

Let's get ready with your friends to party all night long with Top 100 women award winning by The Coverage Media. “The Coverage Top 100 Women Awards” recognises and celebrates the achievement of these remarkable female talents who have excelled in their respective field of work. During the night, there will be an exclusive performance by Asia’s Hottest DJ Leng Yein alongside with special guest appearance like Leng Sean, DJ Joleen and DJ DeadwoodAlso gracing the event are A-list celebrities like Amber Chia, Kinki Ryusaki, Sachzna Lapara, Carrie Lee and many more.

The Coverage is Malaysia's no 1 social media portal notoriously known for its fastest, most trending and viral contents. Our industry-focused content brings journalism to life, creating large-scale global trends to viral, where readers can make meaningful connections all while enabling thought-provoking events that introduce emerging technologies to audiences worldwide. It is a place where technology, business, and culture converge. We showcase only emerging contents with the greatest potential to change lives. Above all, we provide our readers access to the most talented, innovative people and companies in the world. At The Coverage, we celebrate the diversity of the Malaysian community by gathering informative contents from industry tracking and focus the flow of the trends onto the technologies and businesses that are disrupting industries, creating entirely new markets and changing society. The Coverage also partners with unparalleled access to the most brilliant minds in content media technology from around the world.

For further details and booking, please contact 
CALVIN at 010-360 0386 or 
check out their website at

See you there girls at the The Roof on 14 Dec 2016. Let's party together!!

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Box of Joy from Lazada (11.11.16 - 12.12.16) Review


First, let me thanks to LAZADA for the Box of Joy that I received. What's that?? FIND JOY IN EVERY PARCEL!! 
Yes, as you might seen it or heard about it, LAZADA is having ONLINE REVOLUTION from 11.11.16 to 12.12.16!! 
Shop yourself and received a Box of Joy from LAZADA. 
You know how's that feel right??

The moto of this campaign is BRANDS FOR ALL which means products are available and accessible to everyone on LAZADA. You can search for your favourite brands on or download the app available on the iPhone App Store and ANDROID APP on Google play.

LAZADA has customer service to follow, high speed delivery, you can cash on delivery and buyer protection for you.

Follow them on

If you would like to participate in reviews like this in the future, please contact to join the Lazada Family!

Tuesday, 8 November 2016


Hi ladies,
recently I have discover a new evolution of skin care from mary kay. As you can see above, it's a new mary kay BOTANICAL EFFECTS for healthy looking skin. Yes and I have to agree that. Thanks to mary kay and Carol (Blogger).

Looking at the packaging, you'll simply fall in love with the pinky and little greeny look. The colour itself means for dragon fruit (pink) and aloe (green). Both infusions are power packed rich in antioxidants to help fight skin damaging from free radicals. Now let's take a closer look on each skin care products.


It's a light pink gel texture which cleans deeply, effectively and dissolves all traces of oil. Wash daily morning and night in the bubble foam. What I truly like about it is the fragrance. It's feel so clean and fresh immediately.

This is the most exciting part when I saw my lovely colour out from the tube. Well, it add as a pampering clean 2 to 3 times per week only. This gentle scrub also comes with black beads to exfoliates, remove dead and dull skin, leaving pores feeling deeply cleaned and smooth face entirely.

After cleansing, you can't avoid toner as it traces dirt by wiping it away with a cotton pad. Apply daily morning and night for a complete fresh clean look. 

Next, I love this pink gel texture where it's quick absorbing and doesn't feel greasy at all, yet it able to lock up the moisture for 12 hours. Use daily, morning and night for the softer and smoother skin feeling.

spf 30 (RM 65)
Last, use this moisturizing lotion as sunscreen protection in the morning. I like this white lotion texture that give a fairly white over the face upon application and it's doesn't feel greasy too.

so easy, so clean, so fresh

Now, you may wanna to know what types of skin is suitable?? This new evolution of BOTANICAL EFFECTS skin care range are for all skin types including sensitive skin compare to the previous range. Overall, I'm very happy and satisfied as it's make my skin look more healthy with easy step. I think to have a beautiful skin, a girls should start skin care early at their young age. You do not want to wait until you have skin problems and then only searching for the complicated solutions. Alright, I guess you got my point, find a good skin care that suits your current skin. If you want to purchase on this new BOTANICAL EFFECTS skin care, you may contact your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant or connect at . Follow mary kay on Facebook and Instagram too. Let me know in the comment below if you find any of the mary kay products that you love and wanna share with me. I'm looking forward from you girls.

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