Sunday, 25 February 2018

The opening of First China Bona Cinemas at Resort World Genting!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone,

I'm still on Chinese New Year mode and so I went up to Genting to have some fun over the weekend. What's happening at Resort World Genting recently was the opening of first China Bona Cinemas in Malaysia at Sky Avenue by Bona Film Group with special screening of Operation Red Sea movie. Congratulations!! 

This marks a historical day for Bona Film Group as their chairman and General Manager of the board, Mr Yu Dong came personally from China for the opening of their first cinema outside of China. The event was graced by YB Senator Datuk Seri Panglima Dr Mohd Salleh (Minister of Communications and Multimedia), Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay (Chairman & Chief Executive of Genting Malaysia), Datuk Lim Chee Wah (President of VXL Group), Mr Hui Lim (Executive Director and Chief Information Officer of Genting Malaysia), and Dato Fauzi Ayob (Director General of FINAS). 

Claiming the spotlight was Mr Dante Lam (Director of Operation Red Sea), Ms Candy Leung (Producer of Operation Red Sea), Raymond Yip (Film Director), Zhai Tian Lin (Actor from China) and Dato Sophia Hu Jing.

Yu Dong said that the group has considered Resorts World Genting as an ideal location to open its first cinema given the strength of the Malaysian Chinese entertainment market and synergies with the upcoming Twentieth Century Fox World theme park. Bona Cinemas is planned to be the first project in a long term relationship between the Bona Film Group and Resorts World Genting. Special showcase and potential film festivals are being planned in Malaysia while the relationship could extend to Bona Film Group entertainment events in Beijing and Guangzhou.

Bona Cinemas at Sky Avenue currently has four cinema halls in operation. An additional two halls a 48 seat VIP theatre and a 250 seat IMAX theatre will be opening in the second half of 2018. Equipped with state of the art projection technology, Dolby Atmos surround sound systems and comfortable chairs, Bona Cinemas in Resort World Genting will showcase a full range of cinematic experiences from Hollywood blockbusters to Chinese historical epics from international comedy to local Malaysian productions. Well I will definitely come up here again to enjoy a movie at this new Bona Cinemas. If you're at Genting next time don't forget to experience it.

Operation Red Sea is a Chinese Hong Kong action film directed by Dante Lim who also directed the Operation Mekong and many other top box office movies. In earlier press conference, Dante said over CNY 500 million (approximately MYR 310 million) has been invested to produce the movie which was filmed in Morocco showcasing military battle by the Chinese military team that covers land, sea and air. The movie starring Zhang Yi, Du Jiang, Huang Jing Yu, Hai Qing and Prince Mak is based on a true story about a China-led evacuation mission during the 2015 Yemeni Civil War. The movie is co-produced and co-funded by Bona Film Group. The movie made its debut on the 22 February in Malaysia and has received tremendous good reviews. In China the movie is currently ranked no 2 with CNY 1.7 billion (approximately MYR 1.05 billlion) at the box office. Let me know if you have watch this movie.

On the red carpet event, met my most admiring Malaysian actor, Steve Yap and others local celebrities too. Alright that's all from me first and I still have others post about Resorts Worlds Genting to share with you. Did I told you about the fun that I have experienced earlier?? Follow my insta to see more first..

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The 5 Malaysian Chinese New Year touching short video to watch (2018)

Hello everybody, 

Gong Xi Fa Chai..
Chinese New Year is just one day behind and at Malaysia, the Chinese are celebrating it with family and friends together no matter who you are cause we have mix culture here. To that matter, I find many short video are uploaded to usher this coming CNY and here I have make my compilation of most touching short video watched many times (searchable thru You Tube) cause they have the most local culturistic powerful message to carry not only just advertisement purpose. Click to watch the meaning of celebrating Chinese new year. It would definitely touch your heart again.

1) Do not forget your parents- As in Malaysia, many Chinese adults married would like to choose to build their own home but it doesn't mean you can abonded your own parents. Watch.

Credit to Starhub:- As we look forward to this Lunar New Year, let’s remember to stay close to the ones who’ve always been there for us – even as we grow up and chart our own lives. Because family is the greatest prosperity.

2)  Family reunion dinner is very important - To be honest let me tell you it's so hard to gather all family members together in a family dining nowadays and this video make me throwback when I was small it's used to be like this. Watch it.

Credit to Setia :- To us, the chopsticks represent the value of grace, strength and togetherness. Together, they find a purpose. This Chinese New Year, we wish you a wonderful joyous new year centered around love and family. Stay Together. Stay Setia. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

3) Chinese New Year means come back home - This is a real case happening in most Chinese Malaysian family especially when all their children working at another countries. Your parents may feel proud of you but they also may feel lonely too. Watch this.

Credit to Eu Yan Sang :- Never be too busy for the people you love. Spend more time with your family this Chinese New Year.

4) Learn Chinese New Year tradition - A culture that must be practice and if you still not sure about it watch this.

Credit to Malaysian Airlines :- Malaysians are rich with culture and tradition. These are the values that define who we are, as a nation and as an airline. From us at Malaysia Airlines, Happy Chinese New Year!

5) Family gathering included your pets too - I would say this video is one of my favourite to watch that include the puppy as the year of dog. Simple yet meaningful.

Credit to Air Asia :- Happy Chinese New Year! AirAsia wishes you a pawsperous year ahead :)

6) BONUS - As many video you have watched, I find this one is one of the funny genre.

Credit to Virtigo studio :- 1 Mont Kiara, CITTA Mall, Klang Parade, and Ipoh Parade proudly present a short film chronicling the familiar struggles many hardworking executives have to endure when the festive season draws near. While it is usually good to impress, sometimes simplicity remains the best.

Alright how do you find all the video that I have compile it for you?? For me Chinese New Year is a happy moment when you get to celebrate it together with your family and friends.


Wednesday, 31 January 2018

DurianBB Park serve 'atas' style to satisfy your durian craving

Hello durian lover,

this post is all about you can eat all type of durian and if you do not know yet Malaysia is famous for this king of fruits. To be honest to eat durian as a local, we can find easily near our housing area but sometimes we are not so sure of what type of durian we are eating. So when I know there is a new spot of eating durian at KL which is DurianBB Park, I went there to check it out weather it is worth to travel far to just eat durian!! Let's see more..

So I took my sister and brother together with me to check it out together during DurianBB Park open house. We reached DurianBB Park which is located at Jalan Imbi right in the heart of KL by car pool however be mind that there are parking limitation spot near housing area. DurianBB Park is also within walking distance to the luxurious mall at Pavilion and the Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Towers (KLCC) landmark. Accessibility to DurianBB Park is strategically located with availability of all public transportation services such as the MRT via Tun Razak Exchange or Bukit Bintang.

Upon arrival, I must said that this park is so well designed with the Southeast Asian tropical architectural along with the best city views of Kuala Lumpur. The DurianBB Park is so cute!! The 'pondok' like is the open air durian dining area with good ventilation so not too worry during the hot day time. Additionally there are air conditioned VIP rooms also perfect for hosting private parties in the contena style. Now let's move to the 'pondok' to dine in durian..

I'm very excited when I see so many durian around and that make me wonder where they get all the durian stock from?? DurianBB Park has their own orchard in Raub, Pahang and deliver the freshest durians 365 days a year for you to enjoy right in the heart of the city with the most affordable and reasonable prices. Alright to be honest again eating durian are not cheap even I bought near my housing area.


Now comes to the most interesting part of DurianBB Park where I said it earlier you can eat all type of durian at here in a durian tasting platter style and it is look like a Japanese sushi style..haha..super interesting right?? All the while been eating durian but I never know how to differentiate it until that day I actually really learn to eat different type of durian and each of its flavour based on the mini flag tagged. The feeling is so awesome enjoying each of the spiny oval tropical fruit containing a creamy pulp with its fetid smell .Yummm..

For your info, durian tasting platter is at RM 49 and for opening promotion until 31 March 2018 is at RM 39 only!! There are five types of durian available:- selected kampung durian, D101, D13, D24 XO, and Musang King. I also want to compliment DurianBB Park for making every small items branding into it so well such as the pillow, water bottle, paper bowl, wet tissue, tissue box..overall the ambiance, it is comfortable and cheerful experience to dine in durian in a more 'atas' way..haha..

How to eat durian?? Just pick up the durian with your fingers or wear plastic disposable glove provided but let me tell you eating with your bare hands is more delicious kind feeling however it may leave fetid smell on later if you don't might.

Learn to differentiate the durian seed also. This is common durian seed.

While this is the Musang king durian seed which is cost more expensive.

Alright others than just eating durian, DurianBB also takes pride in their myriad series of durian products with creative packaging designs. They are totally so adorable!! These products can serve as a good and memorable choice for souvenirs for friends, families, and loved ones when travelling to Malaysia. I also think that if you have tourist friends whose want to try durian, DurianBB Park could be one of the best place to recommend. Close up as below..

Durian dodol.

Duria egg roll.

Durian coffee.

Durian sweet.

Durian puree.

Durian ice cream.

Eating durian only can make you feel quite full and special thanks to Stella and DurianBB Park for the wonderful invitation. I think it's worth to come here again whenever I'm in the KL or craving for some durian taste. If you do not know Malaysian always crave for the strong flavour of food!! haha..

Good news from DurianBB Park, customers are King, just like durian! For customers who require transportation services to visit our wonderful establishment, we provide a free pick-up service from selected locations. For more details, please call +6012-678-5445.

DurianBB Park
No. 15, Jalan Kamuning, Off Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 12 PM - 10 PM
Tel: + 603-2110 3475

Visit them at:
Find them on Facebook: DurianBBPark

Monday, 1 January 2018

Korean ID.AZ DERM Fit Mask for VERYYY sensitive skin!

Hello pretty wannabe, 
in order to have a beautiful skin let me revealed you no secret of masking. Now why face mask  is still insisted despite of so many step of skin care has applied?? Face mask contains packed ingredients for the skin to absorb and instant result can be seen!! For me, doing face mask at home kinda feeling like getting pampered in the spa at affordably.

Special thanks to ID.AZ for delivering this premium mask to me. It's my collaboration with The Butterfly Project again. Hehe.. ID.AZ DERM FIT MASK made in Korea by id Health Care Group which they're an aesthetic company that wanna takes care of your sensitive skin especially after facial reconstruction (plastic surgery). 

After skin treatment or aesthetics procedure done, your skin condition may be changed. However if you use wrong skin care or cosmetics, it makes your skin inflamed. So id claim to make the fast recovery program to a beautiful face after the facial mask applied. Let me share with you 3 type of ID.AZ DERM fit mask available.

(RM 12.90)


A mask for the powerful moisture charging with the soft skin fit sheet being adhered without any gap, it's a moisture charging, water shine mask which delivers the effective ingredients contained in the mask to the skin intact. The moisture fit formula presents the abundant feeling of moisture to the skin and it's an all in one mask of which the ingredients including panthenol, allantoin that provide the help to calm down the sensitive skin.

My impressions:- The sheet mask fit very well on my face shape and feel very soft on the skin. During masking, I can feel the moisture and the essence being absorbed throughly but it's better in the lying position to avoid it from dripping out. I think I had leave it on more than 20 minutes, yet the mask still haven't fully drying up. The after mask effect, my skin feel so hydrating, shine and calm. I  also wonder about the balance of the mask sheet essence still contain and after squeezing it out, it's still contain a lot more liquid that I applied it on my limbs. Super loving it!!

(RM 12.90)

The vitality charging mask that takes care of the skin to make it shines like a pearl. The microfiber sheet which is nice and thick with the adhesiveness is good gives the brightening effect by efficiently delivering it ingredients to the skin. 

My impressions:- The sheet mask is a way more thicker than the first one but it's still can fit my face shape very well. The white essence feel more concentrated and creamy kind on the skin. Well for this one I leave it on about 20 minutes exact time to avoid wrinkle sheet line form on the skin. The after mask result I can spot a few only of my acne scars has lighten up, yet overall look luminous and hydrated skin. So the test continue on squeezing it out, the balance of sheet mask still contain extra  concentrated liquid of essence. Awesome!!

(RM 19.90)

A mask that presents the real gold light shine on the skin. It's the luxury gold hydrogel mask that takes care of the skin to be healthy as if aesthetics was received. The gold and honey care ingredients help in exhausted skin to regain strong and healthy.

My impressions:- The hydrogel type look thick but actually you need to gently applied on the skin to avoid tearing out and it fit on my face shape. Well during masking, it does not feel that dampness like the other two but it has a cooling sensation on the skin. I also think that I had leave it on more than 20 minutes but don't worry no wrinkles sheet form. I don't know how to express this out but overall I feel luxury and very relaxing doing facial mask. After mask effect, it doesn't seem to be looking obviously but it feel deep nourished and lifted face. Good one!!

So where to get this premium mask?? at Watson store please..cause most of the times I find Watson will having promo from time to time and the last time I saw it, buy 2nd piece at RM 1/mask!! Alright do find useful from this post if you wanna try their mask. See you again, bye...

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

new year, new hair color done at Hair Color Expert @Sri Petaling

Sunday, 24 December 2017

weekend escape with Traveloka at The KL Journal

Hello everybody, 
wanna to share with you my last weekend fun stay cation with Traveloka partner at The KL Journal hotel. It's a collaborations with The Butterfly Projects community and what happened when all the butterflies girl are gather up?? We learn, we dine in, we DIY-ing, we celebrate early Christmas together and we overnight at one of the most stylish hotel in the KL city centre. Watch the slide show video below to get what I'm talking about and let me share more with you about Traveloka and The KL Journal at here..

I bet you must have heard this name before if you're a kaki travel and even if you're not you can consider using this apps next time when you're planning for a holiday trip. Traveloka is one of the leading flight and hotel booking platforms in Southeast Asia serving more than 100 000+ flight routes and 100 000+ hotels world wide. So Traveloka allows you to book cheap flights and hotels securely and save more with them either domestics or internationally.

Well what's their main features that will make me thinks of them first next time?? I find if you register as Traveloka member, you'll get exclusive price alerts first!! This is very useful and  I'm looking forward to use this apps next time. On the other hand, I also find Traveloka claim to provide refund  as requested and to be mange in one place easily which is sounds good and trustworthy. Not only that, I find some inspiration on Traveloka blog too. Click on to check it out more or download the Traveloka App from Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS for free!!

The KL Journal
The name sounds glamorous for me at first and it is actually a boutique hotel centrally located at the district of Bukit Bintang, KL. The KL Journal hotel established in 2015 and I find they have something that are unique to tell and also almost so instragramable at every spot. Not only modern and comfortable but every little things in the hotel will make you feel like a truly Malaysian during the stay. So during my stay cation, I actually didn't sneak out due to feeling tired but let me tell you around the hotel area are you'll find easy access to shop, entertainment and local famous food especially at Jalan Alor while the night life at KL city will never be quite.

The KL Journal hotel has smart plugged in connectivity plus free high speed wifi, indoor creative communal spaces for work and play (Worker's Union), indoor local coffee shop concept of Buku 555 (Kedai Kopi Journal) which is one of the Malaysia nostalgic culture, an outdoor and relaxed bar with life music band (The Terrace Bar and Grill), rooftop infinity pool with stunning view of KLCC, a small room of gym and also complimentary in house parking with staggered car. Check out for more info.

The KL Journal
No 3, Jalan Beremi,
off Jalan Sultan Ismail,
Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +603 21102211

Alright let see more about The KL Journal hotel and what is happening during the stay cation with The Butterfly Project girls..

The KL Journal lobby catch my eye on the interesting image spinning decoration on the wall..can't wait to explore more about this boutique hotel..heading up to the first floor..

After learning more about Traveloka, we head down for favourable lunchie and at the Kedai Kopi Journal itself, a huge Instagramable spot before you go..

During the day time, we were so surprised and happy being celebrated with live butterflies released as a symbolic of The Butterfly Projects community ..I have to say this again thank you very much for making every things so memorable..

Checking in the room but first pose like a supermodel with +Sharon Lee , @nicoleyie ..haha..photographer credit to +Shin May 

So what are we doing during the day time?? We were putting into different group of workshop according to our choices. So I choose to learn how to make my personal leather passport. See below..

Do it yourself KL is a hub where you can make leather goods with the teacher guidance on the spot itself. It is no kidding that I have sew out my first personalized leather travel passport on that day itself. The feeling is so accomplishment although all my fingers are in pain!! haha.. Check out .Thank you so much teacher for your guidance and patience for a newbies like us. Together with @Tiffany and @Shinmay.

After that, that night we were having delicious dinner and celebrating early Christmas together with gift exchange with your own roomies..We are both happy girls receiving Christmas gift..another memorable moment to remark..Merry Christmas everyone!!

The night is still young so we went up to relax at the Terrace Bar and Grill with @innanieariffin, @sabbyprue, @syafiqahhashimxoxo, @alizasara ..They are always my favorite gorgeous looking malay blogger and that is why I like this community, being accepted, mixture and most importantly we have the same interest to talk about..

Alright feeling tired then, so I head up with my roomies, +Shin May ..What a surprise when we actually can see KLCC twin towers view from our room (cause we just checked in our room)..feeling proud!!

Until the next day, good morning with my best buddies, roomies, photographer +Shin May . A very comfortable sleep thru out the night and we are ready to explore more about this hotel before check out..

So after having our breakfast, we went up to the rooftop where there is an infinity pool built in with the stunning view of Bukit Bintang city centre view..Yes we did not swim but let pose hard first..haha..

What a breathless view of Bukit Bintang where you can easily access to shopping mall and hunt for best food in KL later..

There is also a small room of gym available facing the glass windows of Bukit Bintang view..Awesome!!

Before we left, spotted this yellow spiral staircase at the outdoor within the hotel building which can access straight to the first floor and it is so insta worthy..

Alright that's all from me first about my journal escape with Traveloka X The Butterfly Projects at The KL Journal. Check out other girls blog too. See you all next year..(group photo credit to @fishmeatdie)..

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018!!