Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Miss Whoosh Glamorous 2017 goes to Miss Netherlands

Hi pretties, 
sharing with you all a glamorous pageant event that I went today at Nu Sentral Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur. Watching delegates from Miss Tourism International 2017, Miss Whoosh Glamorous 2017 is a supplementary title to it. Above spotted Miss Malaysia and Miss Netherlands.

For you info, Whoosh eye wear is a sister brand of Focus Point and they hosted the 2nd annual Miss Whoosh Glamorous event. Fast, fresh, forward are words that perfectly describe the creation of Whoosh. Whoosh eye wear aims to satisfy trendsetters who value style, quality and professional advice on the go. Whoosh offers a wide range of fashionable frames all the way from Korea. Categorised under 3 distinctive styles trendy, urban and vintage at 4 fixed affordable prices with no hidden fees or fine print charges. The greatest things of Whoosh is to collect your eye wear in as little as 30 minutes via efficient choose, check and collect module operation. For more info please visit www.whoosheyewear.com

 48 stunning women from around the world sashayed down the runway decked in beautiful cocktail outfits and Whoosh latest eye wear collection. These ladies were selected based on their beauty, grace and presence on the stage.

The panel of judges for this year event were Supermodel International 2016 World Winner Ms Jojo Tan, the Managing Director and Group CEO of PKT Logistics Group Sdn Bhd Dato Michael Tio, CEO and Creative Director of A Cut Above Datin Winnie Loo, President and CEO of Focus Point Holdings Berhad Dato Liaw Choon Liang, and Malaysia Famous Designer Mr Key Ng. 

Finally Miss Whoosh Glamorous 2017 goes to Miss Netherlands and she walk away with the ambassadorship by Whoosh and parade Whoosh latest collection. Congratulations to Miss Netherlands and she really deserved the title. Look how she is standing out the most on the previous image.

Visiting Whoosh outlet at Lower Ground Floor itself. Spotted beautiful smile from Ms Thailand.

Alright after the show, wefie with my babe Ellie, Bee Lee, Syafiera and Qiztina. Special thanks to Whoosh eye wear, Komugi Japanese bakery light treats and PR Wild brains. See you all again soon..

Monday, 20 November 2017

Kena called back! AH BOYS TO MEN 4 movie Review + Freebies for fans

Hi guys, I bet if you been watching Ah Boys to Men movie from the beginning you'll not miss out this time where Ah Boys kena called back for some serious training again!! 

Singapore's most successful movie franchise is back and after completion of their full time national service stints, Lobang, Aloysius, Sergeant Ong and Ken Chow were all busy with their respective careers as civilians. When they are called back for in camp training in an SAF Armour unit, the boys must juggle between work and their duties as operationally ready national serviceman. Hilarious situation happen when they are back training together and their military roles reversed. New enemy threats arise as their brotherhood is put to the test. 

Title: Ah Boys to Men 4
Release date: 23 November 2017 (this coming Thursday)
Running time: 125 min
Rating: 8/10 (my review)
Genre: Comedy
Language: English, Mandarin
Distributed by: J Team Productions, MM2 Entertainment, Clover Films, Golden Village Pictures
Casts: Tosh Zhang, Wang Wei Liang, Joshua Tan, Noah Yap, Hafiz Aziz, Maxi Lim, Jaspers Lai, Charlie Goh, Ryan Lian, Apple Chan 

The highest grossing Singaporean Box Office franchise Ah boys to Men is back on the big screens with its fourth installation. The movie opened big at Singapore's box office taking in approximately RM 8 million in a week since premiering on Nov 9. Director Jack Neo said that they had been through hardships and setbacks to make this film where the original budget for the movie was S$ 2.5 million but they had exceeded it by S$ 700 000. Yet the biggest challenge during the filming was the weather. It was hard to predict and the military has very strict rules stating no training should be done if it's too hot or humid limiting the filming hours. Director Jack Neo said ABTM4 continues to showcase the camaraderie among the boys and has injected in some other elements such as the challenges of the military training, family and love.

From left Ben (new cast as Boss of Sergeant Ong), Noah Yap (as IP man), Wang Wei Liang (as Lobang King), Tosh Zhang (as Platoon Sergeant Ong), Joshua Tan (as fat Ken Chow)!! OMG!! He was instructed to put on weight for the filming described it as a sweet torture, saying that he was grateful to be given the opportunity to challenge himself with an unfamiliar role of a bully victim. However Tosh Zhang probably made the biggest sacrifice in this movie where in a scene he was forced to strip down to his red underwear. Haha.. For Wang Wei Liang this time a matured version as the character is now a family man who needs to look after his family and kids.  

From left Director Jack Neo, Apple Chan (new female cast as Lieutenant Zhang Xin Yi), Jasper Lai (as Handsome), standing behind Hafiz Aziz (as Bamboo stick), Foo Chay Yeow (new cast as Fatty), Ryan Lian (new cast as Ah Long), Maxi Lim (as Aloysius Jin aka Wayang King), Hanrey Low (as supporting cast). There're a few more cast which didn't appeared for press conference this time.

One of the highlights of ABTM4 is the female addition to its main casts. Hong Kong based actress Apple Chan plays as a Lieutenant in the Armour unit. Although with a strong martial arts foundation, she still suffered injuries during the filming where there was a scene I turned and caught the helmet that Ryan threw over and it look rather easy on screen but the fact is my whole right arm was bruised the next day after being hit by the helmet. While Ryan said when he first accepted this new role, he was worried about fitting in with the old boys. During the training for the movie, everyone was very helpful and it makes me feel like I am part of this big family.

Alright after watching ABTM4, I find the military level are less intense compare to before kinda feel more relax, very fun to watch and meaningful. They also showcasing many military equipment stuff. Cast vice each of them have a different twist and some how I feel this movie is alike Ah Boys to Uncle look already and why, you should watch it..haha..Director Jack Neo said there is a sequel of ABTM5 but I hope not turning into romantic genre as Sergeant Ong started to fall in love with Lieutenant Zhang (a little heartbroken for me)..haha..

During the press conference, Apple Chan was asked who she will choose as boyfriends in all the cast?? She said you must watch who will she choose in the movie..haha..Alright, there are movie freebies for fans and Director Jack Neo will be leading his ABTM4 troupe on a promo tour to Malaysia from Nov 20- 22 and will be stopping by Kuala Lumpur, Sg Petani and Penang. The ABTM4 Promo Truck will also be going around Kuala Lumpur for 10 days starting Nov 23 to give away exciting movie freebies for the fans. To learn more about the event, please refer to the official Facebook page of Mega Films Distribution.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

7 Killer Steps for Pore Solutions (Exclusive Unporegettable Althea Box Review)

Clogged pore with blackheads and sometimes acne breakouts out of sudden can be really annoying!! I know you're looking for some idea or product solutions and so am I..with so many products available in the market it's so difficult to choose but I always looking for product that can be trusted origin from..

EXCLUSIVE ALTHEA BOX #34 Unporegettable Box, a pore solution to remember..

Well I always love to check out what Althea Korea are offering on their website especially their exclusive package box where you can get it at a cheaper rate according to your needs..and for this time I'm so lucky to collaborate with The Butterfly Project again to reveal the unporegetabble box..so what did I find from this box to kill my pore right away??
  1. innisfree Jeju volcanic pore care kit
  2. innisfree Super volcanic pore clay mask
  3. common labs MILD PEELING FINGER PAD
  4. klairs Supple Preparation Facial toner 
  7. LANEIGE Powder Fit Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++

7 Killer Steps for Pore Solutions to remember:-

1) Clean
From innisfree Jeju volcanic pore care kit, enriched with volcanic cluster and green complex from pure Jeju island, this line helps control excessive sebum for soft skin.

Verdicts:- The Jeju volcanic pore cleansing foam 10 ml contains small bead and clean the face thoroughly but some how I feel slightly dry after cleansing. Overall I like the smell released during cleansing.

2) Exfoliate
common labs MILD PEELING FINGER PAD 7 pieces is a mild exfoliator before you apply any other skin care products. The peeling pad provides gentle yet effective exfoliation of dead skin cells and impurities, leaving your skin ready to absorb all of the good ingredients in your normal skin care routine. 

Directions:- After cleansing, slip your fingers into the sleeve of the pad and use gentle circular motions to wipe your face, neck and chest once or twice daily. 

Verdicts:- I like this kind of innovation of exfoliator wiper cause it's easy to use and removes dead skin effectively but you need to be careful of the pad edges and don't go near to your eyes to avoid poking into it. I really enjoy this process and also did few blackheads extraction..

3) Cooling down
RiRe All Kill PORE TIGHTENING ICE STICK contains Icelandic glacial water which supplies moisture to loose and enlarged pores and contains xylitol which gives a cooling sensation to the skin and helps with temporary pore tightening. 

Directions:- Turn the container bottom part and place the content on your face then roll with your fingers gently so that it absorbs into your skin. 

Verdicts:- I really like this innovation products where it replace the traditional ice pack immediately and very useful especially post extraction to reduce the inflammation. This is a serious killer that I don't see in the market yet.

4) Toner
From innisfree Jeju volcanic pore care kit, enriched with volcanic cluster and green complex from pure Jeju island, this line helps control excessive sebum for soft skin.

Verdicts:- The Jeju volcanic pore toner 13 ml has a strong smell and it feel so clean after application using cotton pad.

5) Wash off mask
innisfree Super volcanic pore clay mask contains super volcanic cluster capsules powerfully absorbs sebum to intensively resolve pore concerns where it tightens pores, removes sebum, exfoliates dead skin cells, offers deep cleansing, enhances skin tone and provide cooling effects.

Directions:- After cleansing, apply skin toner to refine skin texture and gently smooth over entire face avoiding the eye and lip area. After 10 minutes gently roll using fingertips to rinse off with lukewarm water.

Verdicts:- I have to say that this is one of my favourite wash off mask. The clay texture is so smooth on the skin and it feel cooling during the short masking time but don't let the mask stay on too long cause I find that it feel slightly dry after washing it off.

6) Booster
klairs Supple Preparation Facial toner 30 ml is formulated with a base of various botanical extracts to balance the skin's pH level and provide full nourishment to the skin. It also helps prepare the skin to better absorb following products and boosts their effectiveness. 

Directions:- Apply on a clean face. Gently pat all over your face using your palms. Pat remaining product into skin until fully absorbed.

Verdicts:- I really like this booster very much cause it's very supple upon applications and that wonder klairs is being adore by many. I'm thinking to get full size of this.

7) Mask again!!
My Beauty RED GINSENG GOLD HYDROGEL MASK smell so ginseng-ing once opened. It's said that dermatology tested and contains 99.9% of pure gold 12.5 ppm, 1g of honey and 6 years old red ginseng!! It's sounds expensive to use it actually. Well this mask provide anti aging and hydration effect especially.

Directions:- Unfold the masks and remove the films the surface that was covered with clear film should touch your face. Apply upper and lower zone masks to face avoiding direct contact with eyes. Gently smooth and press over face leave for 20 minutes. Gently remove the masks and pat remaining treatment.

Verdicts:- I like the hydrogel texture on the face and it feel cooling during application.

Note that all of the above steps has been done at the night as special evening skin care routine to achieve the poreless and smooth effect. I find the poreless skin last up to 3-4 days.

 Next cover it up..
So for the next day in the morning after the basic skin care applied, I have used LANEIGE Powder Fit Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++ No 23 Sand which is suite my skin tone.

Verdicts:- I find LANEIGE cushion has come out with a new type of cushion and it's in a more creamy form upon pick up however upon application it's feel alike powder that smoothen out the pore. It's also help in brightening effect but it doesn't fully covered up the acne marks.

Additional surprise included!!
What I like about receiving ALTHEA box is each time I find they'll include a little surprise in it which are a few sample for you to try it and also a few full size products. Just in time I need a new beauty blender again!! Haha..Thank you ALTHEA elves for always being sweet to the Althean..

So what do you think of this idea to get a poreless overnight??  I think you can give a try and search for the product mentioned on ALTHEA website as I believed this exclusive box will not be available anymore to purchase at a cheaper rate. Alright see you again pretty..

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Spend your entertainment at a saving rate! (the ENTERTAINER App 2018)

Hello every body, last week I attended the ENTERTAINER 2018 launching party at The View Rooftop Bar, Kuala Lumpur. So, if you’re wondering what’s new with The Entertainer, continue to read on.  Founded in 2001 by Donna Benton, the ENTERTAINER is the leading provider of incentive offers from well known dining, leisure, entertainment, beauty and hotel brands across the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe. Making a successful transitioned from a print publication to a data driven, tech company -  today the ENTERTAINER offers 38 consumer products and 6 B2B solutions across 40 destinations in 15 countries and has over 20,000 merchant partners globally.

I’ve used ENTERTAINER APP before and truly enjoy awesome deals such as Buy One Free One. Imagine the money that I’ve saved using the app.

Introducing ENTERTAINER 2018

Entertainer Malaysia 2018
With over 1,500 Buy One Free One and discount offers for restaurants, bars, attractions, leisure activities, hotels, spas, gyms, fitness studios, retail, everyday services and much more. Entertainer Malaysia 2018 delivers over RM 458,000 in savings for customers across Malaysia. Some of my top favorites includes Wonder Mama, Fish Bowl Poke Shop, The Daily Grind, Krispy Kreme, Mandara Spa, Breakout, San Francisco, Salad Atelier, Moo Cow, Bijan and many more. There are some new brands as well which includes Angry Birds Activity Park, Shakespeare Milkshakes, Mega Water Sports to name a few.

GOOD NEWS! Early bird offer RM 75 (Normal Price: RM 145) with Free Cheers Malaysia 2018, Bali 2018 + Travel 2018 (including hotels worldwide and ENTERTAINER getaways), total value RM 315.

Available for a limited time only, when you purchase ENTERTAINER Malaysia this year, stand to receive Cheers Malaysia 2018 and Bali 2018 absolutely free. Cheers 2018 includes hundreds of Buy One Free One offers for the best restaurants and upmarket bars including PAUS Craft Bar, Taps Beer Bar, Stratosphere, View Rooftop Bar, Berlin KL, Zion Club KL and more.

Early bird offer RM 45 (Normal Price: RM95) with free hotels worldwide travel 2018 + ENTERTAINER 2017.

BALI 2018
Well, here we got something totally New! It’s BALI 2018 which features hundreds of Buy One Free One offers to use when travelling to Bali. Customers can enjoy the best restaurants, spas, beach clubs, bars and cafes across the island. Some of which include Kilo Bali, Sangsaka, Cocoon, Chachara Bali, Nude Canggu, Pison Coffee, Creamery Bar plus popular dining sports within the Intercontinental Bali Resort, Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Resort and many more.

Early bird offer- FREE with purchase of Entertainer Malaysia 2018 (Normal Price: RM 75).

How to purchase ENTERTAINER 2018 App?
The 2018 ENTERTAINER products will be available for purchase through https://www.theentertainerme.com/home/malaysia or through the app from now till 30th November 2107. Hurry to purchase it today and enjoy the early bird special!

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Cat Eye or Puppy Eye feat HORIEN Eye Secret

Hello pretty, 
were you ever wonder what type of eye shapes are you or eye make up that may suite you or an image look that you want to create on that day?? Well I always think that with eye make up on, it would do enough but until I find that with contact lens on, it work even wow!! That's the secret of a pair of beautiful eyes. So what do you think on the image look above?? Are you a sexy cat eye or cute puppy eye?? No matter what type of eye shapes are you, you can create it easily and with the colour contact lens added, your eye make up will look like a pro.

Gather items needed to create your beautiful eye:- don't forget to put your eye cream first and eye primer. Standby your eye drops too. I'm using HORIEN Eye Secret Colour Contact Lens. You need contact lens casing and multi purpose solution too. Eye make up of eye shadow, eye liner, eye curler and mascara.

HORIEN Eye Secret is a 3 months disposable color contact lens with 38% of water content. Material are made from polymacon with BMW 3D wrap technology and UV blocking. The contact lens base curve at 8.7 mm and diameter at 14.2 mm. Manufacturer by YUNG SHENG OPTICAL CO LTD in Taiwan and was found in 2011. Comes with the outer cute packaging and contents of 2 sterile hydrophilic contact lenses for daily wear in buffer saline solution containing sodium hyaluronate trehalose. These lenses are to be dispensed to individual prescriptions only. I have received 5 colour contact lens of gold, green, grey, blue and pink. I'll choose 2 colour first to show you how I created the sexy cat eye and cute puppy eye.

Before eye make up and contact lens look..

The Sexy Cat Eye Look feat HORIEN Eye Secret in Gold

Before applying make up, I strongly advised you to insert contact lens first to avoid eye make up product went into the eye. To create this sexy cat eye make up look, you need to draw eyeliner wing slightly out. Choose black or darker eye shadow to create the alluring look. Last apply eye curler and mascara. I like this kind of look where it's wearable thru out the day and choosing gold colour contact lens attract eye contact to continue conversations with you.

The Cute Puppy Eye Look feat HORIEN Eye Secret in Blue 

Where else the cute puppy eye make up look you not need to draw eyeliner wing away as always, just keep it tidy within the outer V. Choose brown colour of eye liner and neutral colour of eye shadow to create this look. Blue eye is so adorable and wearing it during presentations you'll look more calm in front of the audience.

Verdicts:- First time wearing HORIEN Eye Secret contact lens, I find it's more comfortable compare to the previous brand that I have worn before. Eye of course look bigger and stunning for a small eye with minimal eye make up and it's wearable thru out the day. First time using a reusable contact lens within 3 months, I need to learn to care of these lens. While I'm not a daily wearer so 3 months usage might be quite fast. I also have some fun in choosing colour contact lens that I want to wear to create different make up look of the day. Overall it's a satisfied contact lens product to wear but wearing all day long might dry your eye too so always keep an eye drops with you. I find product pricing are affordable too. So that's all from me first and I'll see you next..

Special thanks to HORIEN Eye Secret.

Friday, 27 October 2017

'Look What You Made Me Do', the softer make up version featuring A: CONCEPT

When A: CONCEPT asked to make your own make up concept, I mean what do you really think of?? A: CONCEPT which is made in Korea since 2013 is a cosmetics brand  features an unique, stylish, trendy and all in one cosmetic concept that's easy to carry wherever you go. Alright, I know it's another K-beauty stuff to reveal and recently it's being so trendy and hot to go!! Let's check out more..

Feeling like Christmas is near?? I know in less than two months to go cause the packaging is so Christmasy right..consist of 1 ALL IN ONE BRIGHTENING A: CUSHION and refill plus 2 lipsticks shades. The first thought on the cushion?? It's look bulky but wait there's something unique about it..

Let's start off with their best selling products ALL IN ONE BRIGHTENING A: CUSHION. There're 2 shades available, no 21 for light beige and no 23 for natural beige so I got mine no 23. The cushion is fully filled up as you can see and moderately picked up by the puff. Perhaps of it black puff, hardly can see the amount of foundations picked up on the puff itself  however during application, I can see it's really working on by dabbing motion and it suit my skin tone very well. Contains whitening, anti-wrinkle and UV protection SPF 35 PA++ formula, it does help to brighten up my skin tone naturally however the coverage on a few post acne spot, it doesn't cover it well. Overall, I still find good to go with this new cushion and together with concealer to make it perfectly smooth face.

Next, comes to the lipsticks part where there're 2 shades of red available for lip and cheek. For the cheek part just use two fingers to blend it out evenly. The shades are vivid matte finished especially on the lips and it reminds me on creating a concept inspired from Taylor Swift new songs image, Look What You Made Me Do but in a softer version which I think it's easily to carry out..now don't be shy to put on bold red lips ladies!!

Now comes to the most interesting part, did I said it earlier the cushion look bulky?? It does but when I find out there's a slot for the lipsticks pen, this two in one item are a travel friendly beauty kit to go!! Such a good concept!!

The before and after me..on my face cushion, concealer, eyebrow, cheek and lip make up on..

So where to get it?? Check out Althea website now if you like it as so far as I concern their hot selling items are usually sold out fast!! Thanks to The Butterfly Project for the opportunity to get to know A: CONCEPT brand stories well..

Saturday, 14 October 2017

BETADINE X MAKNA; Break the 'silence' in Malaysian Women (Review + Giveaway Alert)

Hi ladies, 
hope you're having a good day and in the conjunction of Breast Cancer Awareness in this October, I have something very meaningful to share with you. As the title, BETADINE is supporting the National Cancer Council Malaysia (MAKNA) to break the silence and help more Malaysian women become more aware of cancer prevention. Cancer may sounds a little frightened in every of us but when you look after your health and be aware of your own body condition, early detection and prevention does matter. So don't worry, let's join force together to help those need and this time BETADINE Feminine Wash Foam goes pink..Well, I know the packaging doesn't look that pink (Pink October is mean for Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign) but let's check out my review here and how do you can help plus BETADINE is being generous to collab and I'm hosting the giveaway for you.

Do you really need a feminine wash ladies??
The vagina is home to healthy bacteria known as Lactobacillus. These beneficial organisms are essential for the protection of our intimate area’s micro-environment. Under healthy conditions, this good bacteria in the intimate area environment can help to maintain an optimal pH balance, while preventing unfriendly organisms from thriving. In order for the beneficial microorganism to have a healthy population level, prebiotics or good germs play an important role. Most people know that prebiotics are good for the digestive system, but in fact, they can also be beneficial to other parts of our bodies, such as the intimate area. This is especially important for women’s personal hygiene, as prebiotics help to populate these beneficial organisms in the intimate area micro-environment, thus could help in protecting against feminine discomfort due to pH imbalance. With prebiotics, normal flora of vaginal micro-environment can be restored to help maintaining vaginal health.

Beneficial Organisms
Unfriendly Organisms
(Others: Bacteria/Fungi/Protozoa/Viruses)
ü  Help maintain normal vaginal pH 3.8-4.2

ü  Suppresses the growth of unfriendly organisms
ü  Keep vaginal flora in healthy balance
c        Overgrowth can lead to infections in the intimate area
c        Can cause infections and disrupt vaginal pH
c        Create an unfavourable intimate area micro-environment by displacing beneficial organisms

Ideally, the female intimate area should have a pH level of 3.8 – 4.2. This means that at pH 9 – 10, most soaps and body cleansers available in the market can disrupt pH balance of the intimate area, which can result in infections caused by thriving unfriendly organisms. On the other hand, while water is safe for cleansing the intimate area, it is not always adequate.

Ladies maybe yes or maybe no. As far as I concern, if you're using feminine wash means you're having an imbalance in healthy intimate flora such as itch, odour and excessive discharge. Those symptoms I have experience it before until I need to consult my gynaecologists. Well, it does really a little shame for me (especially meeting the male Dr) but most importantly get yourself treated first. I still remembered my gynaecologist advise to clean the intimate area with salt water if possible at all time and do not use any of soaps or body cleansers. Took the topical antibiotics as prescribed and within a few days I started to experience recovery. Well after that of course I have been more careful in taking care of my intimate area. Clean with water and dry it at each time while during shower avoid the soaps near the intimate area and until this time BETADINE gain my trust on using feminine wash product again.

BETADINE Gentle Protection Feminine Wash is designed exclusively for feminine hygiene needs. It nourishes and supports the growth of your healthy intimate flora for natural protection against feminine discomforts.

Made in Germany

Its unique Tri care formulation combined with prebiotics provides daily protection from unwanted symptoms associated with pH imbalance. Tri Care contains:-

Immortelle – a natural anti-oxidant that helps to improve skin’s natural moisture levels
DeoPlex – a natural extract that provides effective odour neutralization
SyriCalm – a natural active ingredient that soothes skin, reduces redness and alleviates irritation.

A gentle formulation suitable for daily use including during periods.

What I like about it after a few days trying it out??
With one pump enough, the white foam texture on my hands it feel so gentle plus a very good mildly fragranced. During cleansing, you can see the bubbles soap but don't worry it doesn't sting even on a small cut after shave which I have experience it recently. After rinsing, I can feel instant moisture and feeling fresh. At the moment, I'm very satisfied to use it almost every day. I also find that this could be the best feminine wash product to carry if you're on travelling cause you know different country have different toilets habits. Just to make sure your intimate area is clean and comfort by the end of the day.

How to support BETADINE X MAKNA??

You too can join Betadine® Feminine Care in its effort to raise fund for MAKNA to create more breast cancer awareness this October! Simply purchase two bottles of Betadine® Tri-Care™ Daily Feminine Wash Foam 100 ml at Watsons pharmacy throughout the month of October. For every two bottles purchased, RM1 will be contributed to MAKNA. Two (2) units of 100 ml Betadine® Tri-Care™ Daily Feminine Wash Foam retail at RM 29.90. Only available at Watsons. Its campaign aims to #breakthesilence on breast cancer and to save lives with early detection, with pledge to raise RM 7,000 for MAKNA. For every two bottles of Betadine Daily Feminine Wash 100ml foam sold in Watsons, RM1 will be donated. For more information about Betadine® Feminine Care and participating outlets, please visit http://myfemcare.com.my/.

Before I end this, thank you for checking out this post and here's my small appreciation for you..

A unit of Betadine Feminine Wash 50 ml will be given out to my first 5 readers (Malaysian citizen) who commented on my blog below "I Love Betadine".