Thursday, 12 January 2017

Hair Color Expert @Sri Petaling Review

Hi guys,
are you still wondering for a new hair make over for coming Chinese new year at a affordable price?? You can check out this hair salon that only did premium hair colouring, Hair Color Expert at Sri Petaling. They're Malaysia first ever hair colouring specialist center with most affordable price range from RM 48.90 on wards using healthy colour series products. 

11, Jalan Radin Bagus 3, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur
(parking street and car park)
Open hours ever day from 10 am - 8 pm
 Call 018 - 319 8689

Seeing their cute logo alike an octopus, my first mind comes is they are going into young, bright and stylish colour. Opened about year end last year, you need to call to book first as many people started to occupy this salon. Walked into the salon, you may wait first at consulting area, where you can see a big flow chart of 6 complete steps of premium hair colouring with affordable nett fixed price according to your hair length. Price from RM 48.90 to RM 88.90 only applicable for one hair colouring layer only, for example if you want to have two layer of different hair colour including bleaching or highlights the amount will be three times of the nett price. They also claim to use only premium quality of healthy colour series which is ammonia free (See the photo grid above). I also find this hair salon doesn't really have a strong chemical products used smell compare to other usual salon that I used to visit. You can discuss with Sean, the founder and Colour Consultant about colour that you wish to have. No worries if you just wanna do a usual hair colouring only.

Inside the hair salon, there are colouring area, waiting area with keyboard around and mini pantry (See above). I like the overall hair salon design which give you the feeling of young, bright and bold. About a keyboard seen, Sean used to sing a lot during his young age. While waiting for colouring time, you can use their mini pantry provided to make your drinks with water dispenser available too. I think hardly you can find a hair salon that make you feel comfortable alike a home or perhaps a cafe shop.

Alright, for this time my mum is the one model for the hair colouring as she needed it more than me with the white hair and uneven tone of hair colour seen. Sean told that she need colour correction which is not only covers the white hair but also giving it suitable colour and style to carry as a strong women. Highlights or bleaching time took about 30 minutes with a watcher on hand. You can see the effects of the highlights after washing done. 

Next, another colour layering up to finish the overall hair colouring steps. This required another 30 minutes of waiting times, wash, treatment and quick blow dry done. If you wanna to create your own hair do, there're styling products available for you to use. Look the final hair colouring done by Sean and the team. By the way, my mum does have a natural curly hair without overdo. 

My beautiful mum was happy for her new style of hair colour with a highlights of reddish and brownish done. Overall my comment is this hair salon is a comfort place to visit to do an affordable hair colouring services. Thanks to the Hair Color Expert team and Jen Wai too.

Have a Beautiful day
Happy Chinese New Year

Sunday, 8 January 2017

PABLO Freshly Baked Matcha Cheese Tart coming on 11 January 2017

Hi guys,
Happy New Year and Happy Greenery Year of 2017!! What make me so happy on the first weekend of the new year is hunting for a good food and here I'm at the PABLO One Utama, Damansara again. If you have seen my posts before PABLO has officially launches their first outlet in Malaysia on December 2016. Click to read the previous post. PABLO is famous of their biggest freshly baked cheese tart in Japan and now in our own home town!!

Starting with our matcha cheese soft serve ice cream (RM 11.90) and PABLO frute matcha with shiratama (RM 15.90). I personally like the texture of medium soft creamy cheesy matcha taste and the frute matcha drinks full of surprise in every sips. It has the jelly like at the bottom, shiratama (a ball of glutinous rice flour) in the middle and top with azuki (red bean) creamy taste. This whole drinks will make you feel of fullness of cheesy happiness.

PABLO freshly baked cheese tart available in chocolate and matcha flavour (RM 49.90) and not forgetting the Sabrel cheese in matcha (cookies) RM 36.90.

PABLO freshly baked matcha cheese tart with shiratama and azuki while the chocolate cheese tart with chocolate chips are available from 11 January 2017 ya! For me both taste equivalent good if you like the thicker or strong flavour. Tips to take out is consume the freshly baked cheese tart within 2 hours. If not 6 hours at room temperature and don't forget to keep chilled to enjoy for the next day no more than 2 days ya.

So for whom purchase a freshly baked matcha cheese tart with shiratama and azuki on 11 January 2017 you are entitled to redeem a mini matcha soft serve for free!! Alright, don't forget to try it out yourself and you can leave a comment below on what do you think after having it??

Friday, 30 December 2016

CLUB CLIO; the First Outlet in Southest Asia @Sunway Pyramid

Congratulations to CLUB CLIO for the launching of the first outlet in Southeast Asia in Malaysia. Wanna know more see below. Thanks to CLUB CLIO and The Butterfly Project for the invitations.

CLUB CLIO the first outlet in Southeast Asia is at Sunway Pyramid LG1.28. Don't forget to check out their outlet.

CLUBCLIO history started in 1993 with Clio Professional was established by professional make up artists, opening its first flagship store in downtown Seoul, South Korea 1998. Clio Professional, Peripera and Goodal are three brand created and developed under the umbrella of Club Clio, an award winning South Korea cosmetics company. 

Showcasing Clio holiday make up series and the model make up look is by the CLUB CLIO chief of make up artist, Ms Song from Korea. I'm very impressed with the beautiful perfectly
 overall make up look done and suitable for everyone to carry.

Turn On the Lights with CLUBCLIO latest holiday series. Bold and revitalising, this series is focused on renewing the bright, neon colours matching the brand's image and focus. Its unique and limited packaging challenge you to collect them all and captivate everyone with its long lasting and bold products. Perfect for any club or party.

Finally, CLUB CLIO launching with the appearance of a few local celebrities.

Me and the adorable childhood singer, Crsytal Jing.

Shin May (Blogger) and Actress Joanne Yew.

Alright, if you gonna try out some of the CLUBCLIO products, here are their star products recommendation such as CLIO Kill Black Waterproof Pen Liner, CLIO Kill Cover Liquid Founwear, CLIO Kill Brow Tinted Tatoo, Peri's Ink, Peri's Water, Goodal Barrier Cream and Goodal Keratina Anti Aging Double Serum. Have a beautiful day ladies!!  


Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Coverage Award Night for Top 100 Malaysian Women 2016

Image may contain: 13 people, people smiling, indoor

Image may contain: 5 people, people standing
Top 100 Women Malaysia Award presented by Tan Sri Vincent Lee.

First of all, congratulations to all Top 100 Malaysian
 Women for receiving a honourable award from The Coverage Media. This award recognises and celebrates the achievement of these young women talents who have excelled in their respective field of work. They all are looking hot, sexy and gorgeous too.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, indoor
Amber Chia and Carrie Lee birthday celebration too. How they can look so ageless still..haha..

During the night, my friends and I also enjoyed the magic show and performance. We also got the chance to snap a few photo with some of our favourite celebrities.

Photo credit to Hayashistudio.

Me and Amber Chia, the Malaysian Top Supermodel mum and I admired her friendly character. Love to meet her again!

Another my lovely babe, Azura Zainal a famous TV host with my blogger babe Angie Tan. We're so happy to meet you again!

and there're so many more that I wish to show you guys. However, due to the photo quality I decided to put the best photo
for you to see.

Photo credits to Hayashistudio.

Got to grab Harith Iskander too..Congratulations for being the Winner of Laugh Factory's Funniest Person in the World 2016! Proud of Malaysian.

Thanks to Liyana (the coverage media) for the invitations. Although I didn't stay until the late night but I got to witnessed myself most beautiful and successful women being celebrated. Wish I can be part of them too..haha..(day dream)..alright guys thank you for checking this out. 

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Top 10 Products you should buy from ezbuy

Screenshot of ezbuy mobile app.

Hi guys, 
today I'm going to introduce to you top 10 products that I'm interested to buy from ezbuy and I think you'll take a look too.

ezbuy (owned by EZbuy Holdings Limited) is a dedicated provider of professional online shopping services. Founded in 2010 by a group of aspiring entrepreneurs, ezbuy quickly rose to become Singapore’s first and largest overseas shopping platform. Introduced by Channel 8 news, Channel U Money Week, Straits Times and many other national media, 65daigou and its service become more recognized and popular. As of today, we provide shopping service from China, Taiwan, USA for more than 500,000 Singaporeans, 50,000 Malaysians, Australians and Thai people.We strive towards service excellence while keep our focus more on local demands so as to develop new services that better suit our customers.We will expand our service to more countries. When global network connects anyone to anything via internet, we acquire and transport anything to everyone that we serve. Technology makes life easier, service brings more comforts, we leverage on technology and dedicated to provide better service, ultimately, we hope, we create better lifestyle, simple and convenient.

Before I proceed to the products that I'll like to introduce to you, I think as a smart online shopper you should know that international shipping cost quite a lot of amount of money. I usually will look for how I can save while shop online. Get what I mean?? For this ezbuy online shopping platform, I found that they have this icon called Prime on mobile app. Just click on it and you'll find more info there or see the screenshot above.

You Should Buy From ezbuy

1. Creative sofa
    I have seen this item at my friends house last time and I find it so     cute. They're very comfort to just lay on it when I'm feeling lazy     or when I need some nap zzzzzz.....

2. Bean bag
    I have been looking for a bean bag at a affordable price and I           think I found that!! Gonna create a comfortable environment to       read and rest at home.

    Alright some times I need this small desk to do some work and I     find it so much convenience when you can fold it and move             around in the house.

    I found this bedside cabinets that's really suite my small bedroom     place. Yeahhh...

    I think I need this aromatherapy air humidifier in my bedroom to     enhance my sleep mode.

    I always wanted to decorate my house with photo wall style and       I can find a lot of beautiful design at ezbuy.

    This's a must have staircase ladder in the house especially ladies     like me and there's variety colour to choose.

    Now you might be thinking why I wanna have this metal bin in       the house. This look so elegant babe!! Haha..and also it might         last more longer compared to a plastic one.

    Well because I have so many shoes in the house, I think this             might look great organizer to stores my shoes.

      Currently I find this is a trendy umbrella to have before you             leaving your house.

So what do you think of some of the products you like to have in your house? For me, online shopping is so convenient in browsing some of the stuffs that I wanna to buy and get it done easily.

Click the link above

Check this out!!
Click the link above

Click the link above

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

NEW NIPPON PREMIUM NutriPlus Chicken Processed Food

Hearing NutriPlus name, I think most of us will remembered about buying this egg brand right? Yes!! 

NutriPlus brand are manufactured by Lay Hong Food Corporation Sdn Bhd and they're pleased to announce that a new joint venture company with NHF Manufacturing Malaysia Sdn Bhd as marketer and distributor for their new food products as you can see above. There're all total five variants of chicken processed food launched.

NH Foods is one of the largest fresh meat and food companies in Japan with over 70 years of history in manufacturing processed food.

Chicken Processed Food
(Boneless diced thigh meat)


(Boneless whole thigh meat)


(Boneless chicken meat and vegetable)

This new NIPPON PREMIUM NutriPlus is made with advanced Japanese technology for healthier and more nutritious a processed food produced. Priced within the range of RM 10 to RM 13, these products are currently available in major hypermarkets such as AEON, Jaya Grocer and Village Grocer. All the products are HACCP certified by Department of Veterinary service of Malaysia and HALAL certified by JAKIM. During the food tasting, personally I think the texture and taste was delicious especially the sauce provided (in the packet itself). Alright, check it out yourself at your near grocery store or their sampling booth around.


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